Marketing & Sales

Media Buyers

We are connected to the very best and brightest advertising and media sales agencies, those that operate for the largest C-suite national chains in the USA.  We stay abreast agency profiles using a 5-sources of dataset.  Our existing experience in full-spectrum traditional marketing provides us the insight to understand this industry, its players, and its trends very well.  We have the ability to conduct robust in-house market research to inform any decisions regarding the purchase of advertising, and truly believe that market data is the key to successful reach. For non-traditional online sales, we work with one of the best consulting firms, that which authors Google’s very own consumer books.

Retail & Merchandising

Having product found at the national supermarket and hypermarket stores is no small task.  Competition for shelf space is intense, and sales data represents the primary determining factor for obtaining and keeping product in these stores.  There are however delicate opportunities for suppliers to introduce new product lines with several national specialty stores where administrative decision-making is less centralized and more regionally managed.  We have access to these merchandisers and can place product into the hands of their key individuals, delivering targeted sales volume that can inform a decision to advance.  We are fortunate to have a direct relationship to one of the most renowned organic grocer chains, founded in Lakewood, Colorado.

E-tailer Solutions

We are well-equipped to provide direct sales solutions as a first entry-point to the market if necessary.  Online marketplace portals connected to fast and accurate fulfillment services is an area where further market data can be obtained to move into retail–while at the same time delivering sales at an optimal margin for manufacturers and suppliers.  We have experience working with the well-known online marketplaces, and can pinpoint their unique strengths and weaknesses so you can set exact expectations for exposure and sales.